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At Fox Pest Control, we understand that every situation is unique and some may require special attention. If you’re uncertain of what services you need or if you have an urgent issue that demands swift action, please don’t hesitate to contact our outstanding customer service team.

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Your health and safety are always our top priority. That’s why we fully guarantee our pest control services — to keep your home, and your family, protected against destructive pests. With our Home Protection Plan, if you experience concerns after your initial or monthly treatments, we will return to treat your home again at no additional cost.

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    5-Star Pestimonials

    Ive always liked Fox and their employees! We just had Bobby out for some pre-winter work and he took it to the next level. The explanations he gave were personable and professional. He was thorough and efficient. He was an absolute ace and it refreshing to see. Thanks to BOBBY and Fox!

    Tom Williams

    Juan was on time and very knowledgeable. He took care of my wasp problem. I highly recommend.

    Tina Ashbeck

    Juan was very professional and answers all questions I had about services. And went above and beyond with in house services. He also provided professional advice regarding flies in my garage. ?

    Denise Ladd

    Juan did a great job both times that he has been here so far. Very attentive to details, and he followed up to make sure the treatment from last time was effective. He also identified fungus gnats, which we didn't know we had. Great service with a smile!

    Yury Itskovich

    Adam is wonderful. He tried to take care of all of our pest concerns. I enjoyed our service. Adam is great.

    Johnny Newell

    We have been Fox customers for a bit over a year now, and cannot stress enough how amazing Juan is! We had a major wasp issue upon moving in, and Juan managed to thoroughly fix our problem. His attention to detail and going the extra mile to make customers happy with their service is remarkable and commendable. He truly is a wonderful representation for this company and as long as Juan is at Fox, we will continue to use this company for our pest control needs! Juan came to spot treat our home today while simultaneously training our other technician, Bobby. Bobby is also wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind, and will surely follow in the successful footsteps that Juan is setting him up within as he continues to practice the methods taught to him on the field. Overall, the services offered by Fox are of high quality and affordable. As someone who cant stand spiders and wasps, Fox pest control has been a God-send for us as new home owners. I am also a person who likes to know what is being done to prevent these pests and learning more about what we can do as homeowners to prevent repeat issues, and that benchmark is surely met thanks to Foxs awesome technicians like Bobby and Juan. We look forward to continued business with Fox, Juan and Bobby. (Seriously, if you havent stopped reading this to give Fox a call yet go. Do it. You wont regret it!)

    Izabella Gawel

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