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Fox Pest Control’s Chicago Metro Area Ant Exterminator Service

Do you have an ant problem? These pests are one of the most common problems plaguing Chicago Metro Area homeowners and can be difficult to get rid of. As they live in colonies of hundreds or thousands, our Fox Pest Control technicians know that any ant spotting could be sign of an infestation. Read below to find out if you have an infestation, and what you can do about it.

If you have large black or brown ants in or around your home, you may have a carpenter ant problem. If that is the case, our carpenter ant page is a great place to start.


Signs of an Ant Infestation

You might already know for sure that you have an ant problem. But here are a couple of the most common signs of an ant infestation in Chicago Metro Area. 

Large Mounds in the Yard

They can be in dirt or sand, or they can be covered in growing, healthy grass.

Ant Trails

Ants will travel long distances for food. Ant trails may disappear after the food source is gone.

Piles of ants

In grass, sand, or even cracks in brick or cement

What You Need to Know About Ants

  • Ants come in a large variety. In Chicago Metro Area, the most common kinds of ants you’ll see around your home are:
    • Sweet ants
    • Ghost ants
    • Odorous house ants 
    • Carpenter ants
  • Ants find their way in through any open, unsealed space. This includes cracks in the wood and gaps in the window or old weather stripping. Once inside, they hunt for food and moisture. That’s why you’ll see them most often in your kitchen and bathroom. 
  • While most of these ants are harmless, carpenter ant infestations can pose a serious threat to your Chicago Metro Area property, because they tunnel their way through wood, causing damage to your home. 
  • Ant Behavior is a fascinating, complicated subject. They are social creatures that work together to gather food and care for their young. There are several kinds of ants in each colony. Queens have wings that allow them to fly and start a new colony. Once there they rip off their wings and mate, and begin raising their first working ants. They spend the rest of their lives laying eggs to build the colony. Workers are females who are wingless and do not reproduce. Their job is to build the nest, gather food and take care of the young. Males have wings that allow them to find a queen to mate with. They mate and die, doing very little work in their lives. If a colony lives in your home they can be quite disruptive and should be exterminated quickly.

Helpful Ant Prevention Tips 

  • Move wood or low-hanging tree branches away from your house. 
  • Seal cracks to prevent intrusion.
  • Clean baseboards, cabinets, and countertops regularly.

How Do I Get Rid Of Ants?

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Why Choose Fox Pest Control in Chicago Metro Area

Why Choose Fox Pest Control in Chicago Metro Area

Here Is Why You Should Call Fox Pest Control

Ant Infestation Control FAQ

How do I get rid of ant infestations? Can I get rid of ants by myself?

The best way to get rid of ants permanently is with professional Chicago Metro Area pest control and ant extermination because we have all the right tools and knowledge. While you wait for the professionals to come, vacuum frequently for anything ants can use as food, like fallen crumbs, grains of sugar, and hair follicles or skin particles.

Why do ants keep coming back in Chicago Metro Area?

You must control ants because they can create satellite nests that collect food for the main nest. The queen will remain safe and untouched in a separate nest. If the satellite nest is destroyed, the queen could simply create another one in the same place. Fox Pest Control has the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively provide ant control in Chicago Metro Area.

What problems do carpenter ants cause? 

Carpenter ants use their massive jaws to carve tunnels in wood. Although they don’t eat the wood as termites do, if you don’t get help with carpenter ant treatment they can cause serious damage to your home if left untreated.

Which ants are the most dangerous?

Ants that sting. Some ants have a painful sting, almost like a wasp. You need to control fire ants, harvester ants, and oak ants - they are among those stinging ants that live in the United States. 

Carpenter ants. You must exterminate carpenter ants because they can carve tunnels and galleries through virtually any kind of wood, causing major structural damage.

Are ants poisonous?

Some ants, like the aggressive red imported fire ants, deliver a painful sting. This sting has often been compared to a wasp or bee sting and can be a serious problem for those with an allergy to insect stings. 

What is the difference between a regular ant and a carpenter ant?

The main difference is the size. While most ants in Chicago Metro Area are about ⅛ inch long, carpenter ant workers are closer to ½ inch, about four times bigger. Carpenter ants can vary in color, from solid black, to orange, red and black, yellow, or solid red.

5-Star Pestimonials

I hired Fox Pest control to help control ants, wasps rodents and other pests at my ranch. The first experience was not the best, and we had a few phone calls back and forth to the point I almost cancelled the service. Today we had our second quarterly visit and I was ready for a fight. The technician that came out today, Juan S, was extremely knowledgeable and patient. He listened to my concerns and issues and after our discussions and his explanations of what the product are and how they work, he did everything in his power to correct issues and resolve my concerns. We discuss the questions I had and is researching them for me to find the best plan that will ensure the pest control is achieved without harming my animals. He has put my biggest fears and concerns to rest. I look forward to working with Juan further as we control our issues. Juan is truly an asset to the Fox Family!!

Wayne Viehweg

Greg was great! very knowledgeable and willing to check all spaces for mice/rodent activity. Placed the proper traps as well as sprayed for spiders/insects in my crawl space as well as main living area and exterior of my home and garage. He even brushed the whole exterior clear of any webs and applied tick/ant granular to my mulch and grass areas. They will come back in 14days to check the progress. I Would defiantly recommend Fox Pest Control to anyone with an pest issue.

Ryan Hoyle

We learned of Fox pest control when they visited our neighborhood for new customers. We receive excellent service from our tech representative Juan Salazar. He has been very thorough and knowledgeable when treating our house for spiders & ants, making sure that it is sprayed safely for our pets. Very friendly, polite and truly wants to represent Fox to the very best of his ability. We very much appreciate Juan's level of service and experience! ?

Interested Party

They came to our door saying there was "neighborly" deal. This was our first home and pretty upset we were taken advantage of. Still see wasps everywhere, spider webs everywhere and ants everywhere. Didn't even get the spider webs from the front door. Called to cancel their service and was told there is a $150 dollar fee to cancel which we were not told about when they came and blew my mind. Will change my review if they come out and fix the issue but until then would highly not recommend this scam as they have done nothing close to the service they said they would provide.

Ben Dworkin

Ive been using Fox Pest Control for over 1 year. I first needed them for a carpenter ant problem. They came out to attend to that and perform the other basics. When the ants moved to a new area, I called them up and they immediately came out to take care of the new nest. I havent seen them again. And the wasps are always finding new areas to put their nest. And Fox again comes to the rescue. The regular visits keep the pests away. And recently Juan S has been my technician. He is extremely professional and easy to talk to. He took care of my issues immediately! Thank you Juan!!

Kathy E

Fox Pest Control has been worth it. Every time we have had a problem, whether ear wigs or ants, theyve sent someone out to take care of the issue. And our technician, Juan, is super friendly and knowledgeable! He goes the extra mile to make sure we are getting taken care of.

Christopher Thomas

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